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Urban Redevelopment - Sadiq Nagar

Project Type

Real-world Undergraduate Architecture Design Studio Project


Divleena Singh
Himashu Garg
Radhika Ravindran

My Role


Project Duration

5 Months
Architect for Public Spaces and Commercial Areas
Sarth Khare

Semester Objective-

"To understand this unique city location and develop a built-form open space structure based on the given program which is a model of humane and sustainable development."

Urban Redevelopoment


The Vision of the Delhi Masterplan 2021 is to make the city a global metropolis and a world class city. All citizens would live and work in a sustainable environment and be assured a better quality of life than the previous generations. Understanding the directives of the Masterplan we had to carry out intense re-development in Sadiq Nagar, a South Delhi residential colony for government employees. 


The land-use as per the Masterplan is residential the site will be predominantly residential, hence the objective is to meet the huge deficit of rental housing required by the Central Government for its employees. The other part of the development will be commercial to address the Masterplan deficit of retail as well as office spaces and work related infrastructure needs.

Project Area

49 Acres

Areas Program

800 Housing Units
15 Acre Office Block
8 Acre Retail Facilities


Case Studies
Physical Context Study
Transport Network Study
Imagability Study
Structural Design
Massing & Affinity Maps
Concept Development

Site Research

The research started with understanding the site — the precinct, edges, connectivity, area zoning, typology, by-laws and the urban character. Here is a summary of these analyses.

Site Research

Using the learnings from the Site-Research, we arrived at the following conclusions about the massing, zoning and green areas within the site. Our aim was to create a private unhindered sense of space for the housing blacks and a landmark in the visual axis for the commercial blocks.

Design Concept

Design Concept

Design Concept

Designing for Redevelopment

The final design consists of housing, retail and commercial spaces on 60% of the given land. The rest is left for future redevelopment. Here the the design features depicted below-

Designing Redevelopment
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