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Unfinished City

Project Type


My Role




Project Duration

4 Years
Secondary Research
NDRS Redevelopment


Since the early 2000s, when I moved to New Delhi, the idea of  Gurugram (Gurgaon) cities expanding to plug-in cities, felt like something inorganic and unnatural, forced onto the edge of National capital. Ubiquitous fields of shining swaying wheat, paddy, sunny mustard and sunflower evaporated slowly into a dystopian dark grey skyline that never seemed complete.

I explored more about marginalized communities and the stark contrast, though always visible, started to make sense. I started documenting the lives of people in an attempt to feel and visually depict what I was seeing. Trying to make sense of why there is this huge divide between what is being taught and what is being implemented.

This photo-essay has recently been accepted in the Interdisciplinary Publication - “Embodying the Periphery” by the Global Urban Humanities at the University of California, Berkeley.

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