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Man Altered Landscape

Project Type


My Role




Project Duration

3 Months
NDRS Redevelopment


What is truly nature now? How much of what we see around is constructed by man. Is the landscape the same as those in myths, which imbibed magic and trees, which felt and spoke of joy and pain? What have we done to those landscapes now? Mankind has taken the decisive choice and has tamed nature. We tend to forget that we come from nature and not the other way round.

From nurturing, caring and sheltering the flora now seems reduced to objects that feed us in the current times. We still seek the nature in symbols, of memories and myths, but now only use them as props.

The old civilizations understood the immense power of nature. In all those places nature was prayed to as a divine force. Humans understood their place within the ecosystem and tried to balance whatever they took from nature by giving back to it. There was a bond of mutual respect between human and nature. This bond seems to be missing in the current ways of our settlements.

At the advent of the third age of human evolution on this planet - the information age, the problems are more complex than before. The issues are tangible, the purpose of growth as a race is real, the deforestation, the homeless, the need for shelter, the need for cities, the need for endless consumerism; they are all real.

I remember being a part of nature as I grew up. There was active engagement with the natural surroundings throughout the day. As a child who has grown with trees and as an architect seeing that every day what we build reduces the bond between nature and the humans hurts me deeply.

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